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We are open for Early Learning and Childcare for 48  weeks of the year.




please get in touch for more information

You can come in have a look around once more.


We are taking serious precautions with our cleaning and handwashing routines to minimise all effects of  spreading infections. 


Parental Involvement

We like parents and careers to feel welcome in the nursery, as we become partners with you in the care and education of your child. Please feel free to talk to us at the end of a session or make an appointment for any longer discussion you wish to have.

Ways you can be involved:

  • Helping on any outings we may plan
  • Helping at our fundraisers
  • Coming to parent's meetings and sharing your ideas & expertise
  • Helping in our large garden - weeding, planting, teaching us how to look after what we grow
  • Bringing in junk & loose parts materials for creative work - boxes, material, wool, foil, wallpaper, buttons, jewellery, soft wood, containers etc.
  • Bringing in things for our topics and colour table.
  • Sharing your ideas and knowledge (especially on current nursery topics)
  • Coming in to play with the children, or read stories. (Sorry not just now through the Covid pandemic)
  • Let us know of your interests, hobbies, work etc. that may be interesting to the children.

Please look out for the many notices and current topics we are covering.


We aim to encourage parents to be as much a part of their child's nursery experience as they are able, especially parents of sessional 2 year old children who are free and welcome to stay and play at a session. (After the Covid restrictions are lifted).




Extra weekly activities could include

  • Mini Kickers (football)
  • Dancing​
  • Music making
  • We also have various outings taking advantage of all the local facilities and places of interest e.g. Firestation; library; Harbour; Lifeboat station;  beach, parks, etc...

​All activities are subject to current COVID 19 restrictions

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