Our Team

Cheryl Duggan BA

Nursery Manager

Trained Early Years Teacher since 1973, having worked in many different expressions of Early Learning & Childcare; Residential; School nursery; Private nursery; Council Day Care & Playgroups until setting up Highway Day Nursery in 1992. I have a great passion for Play based, wonder led curriculum where children can play and wonder, be curious and excited and satisfy their insatiable desire for knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Naomi Davie SVQ 4


Currently working towards her BA Degree in Childcare.
I have a real interest in Brain development and the vital role that Early Years play in developing and shaping a child’s brain before they are 5 years old which becomes their foundation of learning and behaviour for the rest of their life.
I would like to do further study along this field of science to better understand how I can help children reach their full potential.


Adele Richardson SVQ4

Supervisor - Key Worker with 3 Year Olds

I have worked in Highway Day Nursery since 2005 and studied many interesting expressions of Early Learning & childcare my special passion now is for the Health and Wellbeing of the children and staff, especially after the stressful years of living through Covid.  I have devoted the past year to look into the Danish philosophy of Hygge- where they believe healing, health and happiness can be experienced by creating a warm relaxed  atmosphere and a right state of mind enjoying the good things of life.

Adele Rutherford SVQ3

Senior Early Years Teacher - Key Worker with 4 Year Olds

Started at Highway in 2006  and have been learning every day.  I love to put out challenging, fun, exciting activities to entice  the children to play, then think and learn whilst having fun using their imagination and ideas.  To help me do more of this I am taking a Wunderled certification course with the Fairy Dust Team. I Wonder how that will work out!


Crystal Young SVQ3

Early Years Teacher - Key Worker with 2 Year Olds - Kitchen Operative

Creative, caring and a mother to all – I love to bring out the best in everyone around me.
I want to learn and understand as much as I can to help the children gain their life skills.
I am a practical, capable learner and would like to encourage the children in this

Nicole Weatherhead SVQ3

Early Years Teacher - Key Worker 4 Year Olds

Gaining my level 3 qualification really helped me to gain confidence in the work I love. Using my skills in art and design I have such fun with the children.  Being part of a friendly and exciting team has made  me want to continue learning and studying to reach my potential and help the children reach theirs..

Amanda Aitchison


I am currently working towards my SVQ level 3. I love this job because every day is different and I enjoy learning along with the children. The staff team have been really supportive. 

We often have students in from the local schools and colleges doing work experience.

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