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Nursery Policies and Procedures

We have a large range of policies and procedures to follow to keep your children safe, if you would like to read all or any other of the Nursery Policies and Procedures our 'Nursery Policies and Procedures book' is available to you, please ask.


Child Protection:- It is the policy of the nursery to work in partnership with parents whenever possible. 

  • Staff should be sensitive and supportive towards all the children and have their safety as a priority
  • The Nursery has a legal duty to report any suspicion of child abuse to the Social Work department
  • We are required to follow the Inter-agency's Child Protection Guidelines
  • Our staff do not investigate, only report suspicions of abuse

Positive Behaviour Management:- It is the policy of Highway Day Nursery to promote positive behaviour and attitudes by continual praise and encouragement of good behaviour, friendly co-operation and caring attitudes.

If any child behaves inappropriately we may remove them from the situation to explain the unacceptable behaviour, and sit with them at another activity for a while.

If there is a persistent or particular behaviour problem we will discuss this with parents and seek to work with you for a consistent approach and partnership between home and nursery.

 There is a NO SMACKING policy in the nursery.


Evacuation Procedure: should an emergency arise where we had to evacuate the building we would relocate in the Community Centre, Eyemouth, where you would pick up your child.

Illness and Absences

Please ring the nursery in the morning (any time after 8:15am) of your child's first day off so we know that they are not coming to nursery. If you do not ring, we will ring you to make sure everything is ok.


As infections, sickness, diarrhoea and other viruses spared so easily amongst young children we would ask you to keep your child at home until clear of symptoms for 48 hours, even if they 'seem OK'. Please contact us on the first day of your child's illness to let us know what is happening and especially if it is likely to affect others. Returning is at the discretion of the manager/ senior play leader on duty in order to minimise the spread of infection.

Should your child become sick whilst at nursery we will ring you or the emergency number provided so you can collect him/her.


please do not use facebook as a point of contact for this. Thank you.

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