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What The Highway Day Nursery Is All About

Our Nursery is a large, spacious premises. We have a large play room for constructive activities, art and craft, games, puzzles, sand, water and imaginative play. Another area is used for more physical activities with large construction blocks & Junk modelling &climbing frame, etc. and a wonderful sensory corner to relax and be quiet in. In the 'Back room' children over 3 years use this smaller, quieter room to experiment and concentrate and use modern technology and equipment freely. It is also used as an after-school room for homework and other age appropriate activities.

Outside we have a secure garden (front and back) with grass and a hard surfaced area. There is a wheelhouse (from a fishing boat) for our playhouse, a rowing boat and many items for endless imaginative play.

We grow flowers and vegetables in our garden, explore the great outdoors and gain a sense of awe and wonder at the changing seasons and natural beauty in plants and mini beasts. Plenty of bikes, other building and sensory equipment help us make good use of our outside space and varied surfaces. We aim to go outsideeach day and in all weathers - appropriately dressed.


All the children, boys and girls are encouraged and welcomed to join in every activity as much as they can and use all the resources we provide.

The Aims of our Nursery

We aim to give a secure, stable, warm, and caring environment for children & parents, with a Christian ethos, welcoming families from every culture, race and religion.

We want the children to grow and develop as young competent learners through play and experimentation, most of all to have fun and laughter. 

We encourage them to care for and respect each other so they can build healthy relationships with other adults and children.

We seek to be inclusive & adaptable  to every individual’s needs whether physical, emotional or intellectual, welcoming every child as special.

We aim to be a valuable and flexible service within the community offering quality childcare and learning through a well-trained, experienced and motivated staff team.

We want every child to feel special and be known so we have a ‘Key- Worker’ system with an adult designated to every child.

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